Friday, May 7, 2010

Mexico Day Three

To day was the "work" day, we started the morning with a seminar on how to make new ideas and how to take said ideas to the next level of implementing them?

Not much photos from there, Just our tables glorious leader.


There was one cool thing they handed out Nerf darts and we where to right Ideas onto the dart and fire them off into your coworkers.

After the course the darts made it to the pool and a 3 hour Nerf war!

Loads of Fun had by all.

Near the end of this I saw Perla and co heading to the beach in there belly dancing costumes. I had to follow and take some photos.


The best picture of that was ...

Then that evening we had the grand gala, to get there we took a bus to a boat, then a hour boat ride to a private island. The water was a tad rough and several people where sick by the end of the trip.


Dinner was good, and the setting was great, but it did start to rain a bit.

There was a stage show of fire juggling and stuff, then we saw the new trailers, and this years crop of funny videos that are made in house.

The boat ride back was much smoother and allot of fun, if the ride out had been like that then people would have been much happier.

When we got back to the hotel they had set up the lawn area with table and a bar and the party continued late into the small hours.

Went to bead so I could get up early and enjoy the next morning before the flight home.

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