Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mexico Day Four

Well day 4 was a half day and then a long flight. But the morning was like most mornings up and having breakfast, went to the beach.

Halldor was doing yoga on the beach with his wife.


Then stood and took photos of Kenny and Diana playing in the surf.
My little camera does not bad at full digital zoom. :)


Chatted for a bit then they convinced me to go back in with them :)


Before we left it was a picture perfect moment, made you really not want to get on a plane. :(


And then when we got to the airport with 340 CCP waiting to get checked in the airports computers crashed... so they wrote boarding passes by hand. "In case there is a joke in here somewhere it takes 8 people to make a hand written boarding pass :(

Saw this guy on our way out :)

That was the end of our Mexico adventure, back to the land of volcano's and liquid sunshine. :)

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