Saturday, November 26, 2011

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Well computer is all packed up, and I am posting this from the iPad. Tommorow i will board a plane for Canada and not be back to Iceland for a few years,mwell maybe for fan fest :)

It has be a interesting 4 years and I am going to miss this country, and a lot of people. K, D, and S will be especially missed. The ocean has grower on me, I love it, I even like the wind here, except when it is cold.

Iceland I will miss you.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The 20%

As most of you know now, CCP had 20% layoffs, I was part of them :( So the chapter of my life spent living in Iceland will be coming to a close.

I am going to miss living here, there was something about living in Iceland that resonated with my being. Even the blowing rain sideways could not make me dislike living here. Sure it was not all roses and butterfly's, but the ruggedness of the country appealed to me.

AS of the 27th I will be flying out of here, probably not to return for many years, but I will come back at some point, there is still more of Iceland that I want to see.

I am going to miss the fireworks at new years, the crystal blue sky that goes on forever during the summer. The moss covered fields and rugged piles of dirt they call mountains... :P

I will be leaving behind a group of wonderful co-workers and a few good friends that I will miss dearly.

Every door closes eventually, but the future could be even more exciting.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Went Down under...

Well not Australia, but underground. On Friday Kenny, Diana, Stuart and I went on a cave spelunking tour.

This isn't the entrance, the entrance is this small hole that you need to drop through, my t-shirt and jacket where riding up around my armpits when I got down.


The first room is the ice room, during the winter the whole room covers in ice and icicles, now only another kilometer to go to the other end...


I had expected something like walking along a cobble stone street when I think of lava tubes, this was nothing like that! This was scrambling over lose shifting rocks from the size of a baseball, up to a small piano in size. You had to test every footstep before going. And to top it off I had a flashlight that kept flickering off.

About 600m in I felt like I was at the limit of my endurance, I was taking longer to recover each time I stopped and was stopping more often, to top it off I slipped and landed on my ankle and it HURT! ALLOT!!! Had to sit that one for a bit.

The problem with sitting is that you get hot moving, but when you sit you get cold fast, it is only about 6C in that part of the cave. So you cooled down fast! No matter how tired you where you got up and kept moving to stay warm.

We came across many interesting rock formations, I didn't dig the camera out for each of them, but we saw ledges like in Indiana Jones movies, we sat rock that had dripped down the side of the cave, we saw puddles of rock that had cracked clean through and we saw this where the rock had cooled while dripping from the ceiling.


We got past the 700m of rock scrambling and hit the lava tube, this part went smooth as it really was as smooth as a cobble stone street.

Saw a 15m deep lava pit, didn't take a picture of it, looks like a hole in the ground. We had lunch at the lava pit.


Then we realized we would have to do it all again to get back out..
At the end

The return trip went faster, I think as we knew what to expect. And made it back fairly quick, at least it seemed faster. Our guide I swear could teleport! I would be looking for a footing and he would be behind me by a few meters, then I would look up and he would be 10 meters in front of me... On the way back I think I figured out part of what he was doing. It seemed like the trick was to plan a half dozen steps ahead of time, then go, let your momentum carry you from one rock to the next and the next... He would stop and look then move across the tops of the rocks. He obviously didn't have a bum ankle like me, I tried what he was doing but my ankle would scream and I would falter.. I did get along better and if I pushed through the pain knowing that the next step would re-leave the pain I got along good.

We got back to the entrance and scrambling out that hole was challenging, we where then presented with the walk back to the van, that was another half hour walk in a traditional side-ways rain storm with a touch of hail added.

All toll it was not enjoyable but well worth the time and pain spent to see the lava tube, once I have recovered I will have fond memory of the trip.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its the longest day of the year...

Welcome to the longest day of the year, and we have nice sunny weather here today..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A wee walk, and climbing on fairy homes

I started the morning with a walk up to the towner on the hill, the group wasn't getting going until 9:00 am so I had lots of time..

The path had this neat anti-rockfall mesh, like giant chain-mail.

the tower was kinda small, but neat to look from

We then got together and headed for the river Leith(sp?) where it is told is the tears from a Scottish giant maiden that was crying over her lost love that went to Ireland. The legend goes that those who put there face into the river will have beauty for the rest of there lives.

We then went to a light house on tip of the isle of Skye and had to walk down, and up and down the hills to get there. Lots of UP :(

Then we headed to the Fairy glen and climbed on there home.
It is said that stacking the rocks and leaving tokens for the Fairy will bring you luck, so I left a 50Isk coin on the rocks.

The next day we where on our way to Inverness, Castle Dun Vegan, and loc Ness.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A wee trip to the higlands

Well day two we left early and headed to Pourtree, a Town on the isle of Skye. We took the ferry across so had to be there by 5:30 to ensure we made the 6:00 ferry (the last of the day)

Our first rest break was a Hamish the Highland Coo..

There was also a loom set up there on how they weave tartans.

We stopped at the Onich hotel for lunch, Had a good lunch and had some time to walk on the beach.



Then we where back on the road again and our next stop was the Harry Potter Bridge :) It was in the first movie as the Hogwarts train steamed across the bridge.

It is also known as the glen Finn-en monument

Any who.. we made the ferry at 4:30 so caught the 5:00 one so where where ahead of schedule. There was a cool statue on the docks that we saw as we set sail.


We got to Pourtree early and got set up in hostels, B&B and hotels and then wandered for dinner.

After i wen't to bed i flipped on the TV and was watching the movie "The brides made' at one point in the movie they are in Scotland and they all hop in the range rovers and head to the pub. And there was a shot of the cars going along the docks to the pub. So look at the above picture and picture a line of ranger rovers driving past the buildings.. It was cool, I was there...)

For the record the pink one is not a pub as the movie shows it, but a hotel.

Anyway end of day two, i start the morning with a walk up to the tower you can see above the hostel.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scotland and a wee birthday.

Well i went to Scotland for Easter, flew into Glasgow and took the train to Edinburgh. That night I wandered around the Nelson Monument.

Then wandered over to the royal mile and had dinner at a nice Italian registrant.

The next day was my free day, started the morning at 9:30 am opening of the castle.

I totally lucked out, they where doing a 21 gun salute for the queens official birthday. But first I did the free guided tour of the castle, learned a lot about the castle and it's surrounds, went in and saw the Scottish crown jewels and Stone of Destiny... More on the stone later :)


The sky was overcast but so bright it washed out most of the sky on my photos, it was kind of annoying, and neat. It was like having a large overhead fill flash..


Anyway I stayed around for the noon salute and watched them fire the guns :)


After that I walked over to the botanical gardens, it was a long walk, and the weather was warmer than it looked. Stopped for pizza along the way and then toured the gardens.


Went on the hot house tour, and that was cool, there was also a science center set up and that had some really interesting things. The gardens weren't in bloom yet, but there was the odd bloom, and lots of planting and work going on.


Anyway after that I walked back to the hotel and put in a really early wake up call. The next day was the start of the tour to the isle of Skye. Had to be at the bus stop at 8:30 am.. Good thing there was a hour time zone change, it made the wake up call that never came pointless...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sore feet

Started at the castle at 9:30 and the at noon headed to bot botanical guarden.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scotlandi ho...

Well sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight to glass glow.. Then I will take a train to edundbrough and then a bus tour of thenisle of sky.
More posts to follow

Sunday, March 27, 2011

News, get your News here

Well I have a bunch of pictures used by a e-zine that I took at fan fest.
Eve is real!

But before you go to read it... I should let you know it is in finish!

But my name is down there at the bottom. I put my pictures up under the creative commons non commercial use, but for this one I said they could use with accreditation.

I am bouncing on the inside..

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Beast!

It came in the Night
It's howl starting as a soft and soothing moan.

As it came closer it's anger began to be heard.
It's howl becoming a shrieking,
soon it's bellows rattled doors and windows.

It's spittle sheeting across the windows.
Dripping through the cracks, drip, drip drip.

Then it's claws began to pelt the windows non stop.
rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat, faster and faster until
it was a continuous sound that almost drowned out it's roar.

Sleep was impossible, huddling in bed against the memory
of cold that it's howling, beating sounds invoked.

The only good thing about the rain is it got rid of the snow...


Edit: The news said 30m/s winds with gusts to 55M/s...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

good book

I don't get as much time as I used to to sit in bed and spend the day reading as I used to. But i did today and finished a wonder full book called Mercury Falls

Robert Kroese has written a wonderful tale about the apocalypse. If you are a fan of Douglas Adams then you will love this nonsensical and whimsical book of the dealing of angles and how some people just don't get it.

Well here is my attempt to publicize a book I enjoyed.. Hope you are tempted to pick it up and read it, warning though it will leave your brain in a twisted mess of spaghetti. It is not as bad as Hitch hikers guide, but comes close at times...


Monday, January 17, 2011


We had one inch of snow last night, Guess what we are all still at work,a nd the city hasn't shut down..

Ha take that Atlanta!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drunk scientis

Drunk scientist make better super conductors

Proves to you that some things are just better with wine.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

home again

Well X-mass with the family was good, got to ce nieces have grown up. Cara has become a small person that knows 3 words, Saide(sp?) has become a wonderful little girl! She has a smile that lights up a room, and she likes to pose for photos (this is a rare trait in our family)!

Did the loot day thing, and the big family boxing day dinner, spent a bunch of time connecting with Friends, missed one we played telephone tag the whole trip.

Glad the flights are done, sad that vacation is done. Now need to stay awake for another 12 hours and do a crash conversion to Iceland time in time for work tomorrow morning.

Going to call some friends and see if they will help keep me awake, Probably go swimming, the cold water and exercise should help and maybe play Santa today.