Sunday, September 20, 2009

Round, and Round you go and where you stop is where you started.

I spent a good part of the day processing photos and getting them uploaded.

The trip was amazing in that we had some good weather, some blaa weather and a day of full on extreme Icelandic weather.

Should back up, for those that don't know my friend Karen came for a visit from Canada and we rented a Jeep and drove around Iceland. We had 8 days on the road and saw allot of cool things.

The day of extreme weather was the last day.. Karen has a photo of a waterfall not making it to the ground. The wind was blowing so hard that the waterfall was getting broken up into mist and becoming rain. It was not a small waterfall either, and it is a neat photo of the waterfall cresting the edge and falling about halfway down before dissolving into mist in the wind.

I don't have a photo of it, I was busy trying to keep the car on the road in high winds and sideways rain. I also said I would not post her photos until she has posted them.

There was several place before that I found interesting, the drive into to lanmanalaoiger(sp!) was cool. We where fording rivers in the Jeep and that was neat. and again no photos of us ploughing through rivers, we where in the car.

Another place we stopped was near the big glacier where there is arm of ice is breaking up and flowing into the ocean. There was chunks of ice the size of buses, and the current was strong enough to stop the tied and make the waves break offshore.


Another cool place was Vik we had a nice sunset behind the bluff, and a nice walk down the beach.

We drove back into a small town and saw a couple of neat waterfalls and Iceland's biggest canyon.

The road was 50km of bad washboard and huge potholes, like the size that you drove around for fear of losing your vehicle in one.

On the way back to route 1 we passed through this little town that was just gorgeous. It was a picture perfect location and Iceland's capital of wale watching (on the north east cost)

We had lunch in this small restaurant on the docks, the food was great and the view out the windows was like in the movies. Didn't have my camera with me for lunch but got this photo after. The restaurant is one of the roofs in the bottom of the photo.


So that was the trip and it is back to work tomorrow :( I will let you know where, and when Karen posts her photos.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Borganess and the last night

Yesterday we drove to acurari (sp!) And spent the night. It is named for corn and coast so the town roughly translates to corn coast.

Tonight we are staying in borganess and tomorrow heading up the penisula and back to Reykjavik.

Trip is almost over.

PS: get well soon kathy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh the pain!

Karen made me hike here! She said it is only 1.5km there.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trip to Hofn

Well we set out this morning to drive to Hofn, and we got there with lots of time to spare!

Along the way we came to a spot where the glacier is calfing off chunks of ice. That than flowed down the river that is created by then melting ice. Then when the tides goes out you end up with large ice cubes stranded on the beach.

Photos when I download the camera

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Vik

We stopped at the water falls along the way to vik, checked into the hotel and then went back to vik for dinner. We went to the place where mom really liked the lamb soup. We had the marinated lamb chops.


At the golden water fall

We have been to thinker and geyser.

Now at the water fall and karen thinks I am taking to many photos

Monday, September 7, 2009

Prune simulation

So we did the blue lagoon and we are distinctly prune like!

Next is the mall as Karen left her sun glasses on thee t*blue in Edmonton.

This evening we met Devon & Kate and Diana and Kenny for dinner and this great little Indian restaurant. Dinner was GREAT! and only 34k :)

We then went back to there place and played a game called Apples vs Apples. It works like this, you have green apples cards and red apple cards. Everyone starts with 7 red apple cards and whose ever turn it is turns over a Green apple card. The cards all have words so for Instance if the green card was the word Rich. Then each player looks at there hand of cards and picks the card with the word or phrase that best goes with the card and tosses it into the middle. For isnatance there was cards tossed in like cheesecake., and monopoly, movie starts,... and the peron whose turn it was picks that red apple card that best goes with the green apple card. In this case it was Rich Cheescake. so the person who tossed in Cheesecake gets the green apple card.

The goal is to get 6 green apples to win (if playing 6 person game)

Alltold it was a good night, and Karen loved Diana's coffee.

The arival of Karen.

Alarm goes off at 03:30 , what does the 0 stand for, "Oh my god it is early".

Yes i got up at 3:30 am and then drove out to the airport after the shower, breakfast...

In case you are wondering I did leave a bit of extra time in case... as a result i sat for about 45min, I could have slept in more, Then it took almost a half hout for Karen to get her lugage and wander past customs.

For the record Karens flight landed at 6:20 am and the sun rose at 6:25AM so she beat the sun here.

We then headed to my place in Reykjavik and fed her breakfast. Dumped the luggage and headed out for a walk, took her along the cost from the Viking ship down to the sea wal near work. Karen's comment was "Is it possible to take a bad picture here?"

Stopped at work and gave her a tour, and then had hot choclate in the lunch room.
Wandered a little more than caught a cab back to my place.

Sat around for a little while, then we took the car and drove up to the Perlan and had lunch and looked over the city, then we drove over to the beach and had a wander. Last we drove out to the light house and wandered along the beach for a bit.

Then it was time to head home and make supper, made spagetii for Karen, willem, and Roary (sp?).

It is now the morning of the next day and sleep head is still sleeping...
Today the plan is to go tot he blue lagoon and to pack :)

Tommorow will be on the road.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Travel e-zine

Well my photo was selected, you can see the guide here.

My first published photo... :)