Monday, September 7, 2009

Prune simulation

So we did the blue lagoon and we are distinctly prune like!

Next is the mall as Karen left her sun glasses on thee t*blue in Edmonton.

This evening we met Devon & Kate and Diana and Kenny for dinner and this great little Indian restaurant. Dinner was GREAT! and only 34k :)

We then went back to there place and played a game called Apples vs Apples. It works like this, you have green apples cards and red apple cards. Everyone starts with 7 red apple cards and whose ever turn it is turns over a Green apple card. The cards all have words so for Instance if the green card was the word Rich. Then each player looks at there hand of cards and picks the card with the word or phrase that best goes with the card and tosses it into the middle. For isnatance there was cards tossed in like cheesecake., and monopoly, movie starts,... and the peron whose turn it was picks that red apple card that best goes with the green apple card. In this case it was Rich Cheescake. so the person who tossed in Cheesecake gets the green apple card.

The goal is to get 6 green apples to win (if playing 6 person game)

Alltold it was a good night, and Karen loved Diana's coffee.

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