Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunnys day to OMG it's HOT!

Well I will be in Atlanta for 3 weeks in august. From what I hear it is 37C ish there. Today we had a Heat wave and the temperature got to 21c.

So after work I took the long long way home and had a nice ride. Bit much breeze to be perfect, but it added to the workout.

looking forward to seeing sis again, and our parents are going to be visiting them for part of the time i am there, so Bonus!

Other than that going to see Wall-E tomorrow, it is finally opening here :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Kenitala

I have written about this in the past, but I still find it neat that there national issued number that is used for everything.

You use it to rent videos, they record your warranty under it, so all you have to do is give them your number and they know if the warranty is good. You go to one location and change your address, and every business in Iceland has your new address, your mail is forwarded automatically for a few months, but 90% of the people that mail you stuff now have the new address.

I think it is neat, but it also allows the government to have a good idea what you are doing? Do you think the benefits out way the risks?

Other than that, the only other news is I will be in Atlanta for work again in the middle of aug.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good tunes, sunny days

IMG_8653Well today was a beautiful day! So I could not stay inside, hopped on the bike plugged the iPod in slapped on the brain bucket and head down the hill to the viking ship and hung a right!

Speaking of music, I have been a long time listener to Eve-Radio, and it seems the more i listen to them the broader my music tastes gets. Eve-Radio is not a commercial radio station, it is a all volunteer station run on the web. So the DJ are literally scattered around the world and do there show from where ever they are. They maintain a In-game chat channel where listeners can chat with the DJ's. This is the future of radio, the radio station becomes a 2 way communication channel and the shows are richer because of it. Anyway back to the music, and less about the social aspects. I heard this song on there the other day All Summer Long and I loved it. So I went looking for it and downloaded it from iTunes. Then I went looking for some of the artists other works. I HATED them all, the artist btw is Kid Rock, if you don't know him he is into very hard metal rock and rap.

But I now have a new song on my iPod that I would never have found if it wasn't for a internet radio station that broadcasts everything, and not just the top 40 charts.

But back to the biking, the road led along the coast of the bay and then into a more industrial area.
It got allot less interesting, but I had found out what was this direction. Also road by a movie theater that I had been to, but didn't know where it was :) Stopped at a little turn out where they had a Metal plate on a post with a compass rose, and along the edges they had landmarks in relieve, and all the mountains, from the center out was lines that named all the peaks, I recognized a few. It was cool!

I turned around at that point and headed back towards the office to do a bit of work before going to see Hell Boy 2 at Haskalabio (it is a movie theater). And there was a section of the sea wall, why is it a sea wall when it isn't on a sea?, were all the rocks where super smooth.

It was need they must have taken the rocks from the ocean at some point.

Anyway after work and heading home this is the end of a day of adventure, and listening to good music all day.

Good night all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Problem wearing glasses

As some of you know, I finally got glasses, I have been told for years that I would need reading glasses as I got older. Well I guess I am older now :)

The problem with glasses is the things that you do that you don't know you do...

I will give you a moment to think that one through, it is truer than it appears.

For instance I keep doing things like going to rub my eye and the glasses are in the way and I end up leaving fingerprints. so in the few weeks that I have had the glasses, I have managed to go through almost a whole bottle of glasses cleaner!

On the other hand putting the glasses produced a huge change in my vision, from what the doctor said I need a bit of an alignment also. The letter wear sort of ghosted and that has gone away. It is now MUCH easier to read small print, and I don't find myself closing one eye to read anymore. Unless I find my self still reading at 3:00 am, the endless day can sure let time slip by...

As you can see I take a weird picture when looking at a web cam :) I had another I took with my cannon, but I thought this one had more character...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rant Mode on!

I am peeved at software installers and websites at the moment.

First Itunes wants to install new software on my computer every time there is a a update. I want a update of Itunes, and I don't mind it updating quick time at the same time. I have quick time installed, so there for I want updates, But i draw the line in the installer trying to push new software on me every update, I DON'T WANT SAFARI!. If I did I would install it, but I don't need the updater pushing new software on me.

Next up is Yahoo and Flickr, I changed user accounts to judge some pictures, and now i can't remember what the user name was, I figured out the user name. But it wants to know my birthday, and other information and a postal code to confirm before it sends me a new password. Why not do what 90% of other websites do is send a new password to the registered email address! Even if I am someone trying to steal the account, emailing a new password to my email address isn't the end of the world!

These two things have made my weekend kinda frustrating!

/Rant mode off!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have to do the part for work :)

So with out further adoooooo..... I present Empyrean Age new novel by a fellow CCP'er by Tony Gonzales. It is available at Can, US, UK

"These are times that will test the bounds of the human spirit. A clone with no name or past awakens to a cruel existence, hunted mercilessly for crimes he may never know; yet he stands close to the pinnacle of power in New Eden. A disgraced ambassador is confronted by a mysterious woman who knows everything about him, and of the sinister plot against his government; his actions will one day unleash the vengeful wrath of an entire civilization. And among the downtrodden masses of a corporation-owned world, a man named Tibus Heth is about to launch a revolution that will change the course of history The confluence of these dark events will lead humanity towards a tragic destiny. The transcendence of man to the dream of immortality has bred a quest for power like none before it; empires spanning across thousands of stars will clash in the depths of space and on the worlds within. Those who stand before the tides of war, willingly or not, must face the fundamental choices that have been with man for tens of thousands of years, unchanged since the memory of Earth was lost. This is EVE, The Empyrean Age. A test of our convictions and the will to survive."

Well that is my part for advertising the new book, I haven't read it yet, our copies are coming Soon(TM).

Monday, July 7, 2008

It is Þoka

Yep it was very Þoka this morning.

Þoka\Th-oka\, feminin noun/kvenkyns nafnorð,

1. Fog
Nominative/Nefnifall (hér er) Þoka
Accusative/Þolfall (um) Þoku
Dative/Þágufall (frá) Þoku
Genetive/Eignarfall (til) Þoku

-- Plural
Nominative/Nefnifall (hér eru) Þokur
Accusative/Þolfall (um) Þokur
Dative/Þágufall (frá) Þokum
Genetive/Eignarfall (til) Þokna

"Það er þykk þoka úti"
"There’s a thick fog outside"

"Við keyrðum í gegnum þoku"
"We drove through fog"

One of the guys here at work has started a word of the day mailing list and today;s word was þoka, and it was very foggy this morning.

It was interesting biking down into the fog. Hand to watch the cross streets for traffic.

The weekend was a quiet one for me, (and other blogs I watch) it must have been the þoka dampening everyone's energy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I wish I was this good...

One of my Favorite photographers is Trey Ratcliff, He takes the most
ordinary scenes and makes them pop and come alive.
This is a picture
of the lake near city hall here in Reykjavik and a scene that I have looked
at many times and have never had it come out this good.

The Approaching Ice