Monday, July 7, 2008

It is Þoka

Yep it was very Þoka this morning.

Þoka\Th-oka\, feminin noun/kvenkyns nafnorð,

1. Fog
Nominative/Nefnifall (hér er) Þoka
Accusative/Þolfall (um) Þoku
Dative/Þágufall (frá) Þoku
Genetive/Eignarfall (til) Þoku

-- Plural
Nominative/Nefnifall (hér eru) Þokur
Accusative/Þolfall (um) Þokur
Dative/Þágufall (frá) Þokum
Genetive/Eignarfall (til) Þokna

"Það er þykk þoka úti"
"There’s a thick fog outside"

"Við keyrðum í gegnum þoku"
"We drove through fog"

One of the guys here at work has started a word of the day mailing list and today;s word was þoka, and it was very foggy this morning.

It was interesting biking down into the fog. Hand to watch the cross streets for traffic.

The weekend was a quiet one for me, (and other blogs I watch) it must have been the þoka dampening everyone's energy.


alison said...

ooo! is the pronunciation phonetic? if it is that þ symbol should sound like english ´f´or ´ph´right? and ð is the beginning of ´the´? sooooo interesting! how do you say 'I don't know?'

Sarf's Travels. said...

It is a th sound, like poka witha th, so thoka.