Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fan Fest

Well Fan Fest is over for this year.
It was a hell of a party last night, and the music was performed by work people. So that was cool.

The bars though had only beer, and shots. and most of you know my opinion of beer.

It is something you rent at a bar!

I had the Idea to set up a table in there and was asking people to fill out a survey and talk to me about AI. I had made it clear that we where not planning anything and I was just collecting ideas and data to make a case for changing it.

Igot some good ideas and had allot of fun talking with lots of fans from all over the world, Met people that play even together one lives in Germany and the other in San Fransisco and they had met for the first time at fan fest. They have been playing eve for 2 years together, so that was cool.

But I met people there from all over the US and Germany and 1 guy from the Kiwi islands. (I think that is how it is spelled, that is the way it sounded)

Anyway back to the story. For my little table I bought a bottle of rum and some coke and was going to hand out rum and coke to people that came to talk. There was lots of drinking but my give away got kyboshed.

So all night during the party I would go up to the bar and ask for a glass full of ice. I figured they though i was chewing ice all night. Then I would head back to the coat room and fill my glass up with rum and coke. So for once I had a party that had a drink I enjoy :)

Yep you guessed it I was very drunk last night!!! You would almost think I am a teenager again :|

Dang, just burned my lip on hot cheese from a pizza!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Flickr just announced that they have had there 3 billionth photo uploaded. This is the site I use to host my photos.

3 billion!

If you looked at 1 photo every second it would take you the next 95 years to look at all the pictures.

That is allot of photos.