Monday, February 23, 2009

The top secret stuff.

Sorry it has been so long since posted last, to the point that some people wondered if I had fallen off the world.

There have been a couple things that have held me up from posting, none of them good.

A) Haven't felt like posting, been mostly just doing the same old same old.
B) Got new guts for my computer and had it torn apart for a few days. Been trying out the beta for Windows 7 More on it below.
C) Haven't felt like editing photos so there isn't any new ones yet, also have to reinstall the software.
D) Very busy at work, some late nights the last few weeks.

The new computer is a 3ghz quad core Intel I7, 6gb of ram, and my 3 drive raid zero. hard drive. Nividia 280 video card with 1gb of ram. For those whose eyes just glaze over I will translate. It is fast, can do 4 things at once, and has more memory than I do.

Windows 7 is a improvement to vista, but nothing to be excited over if you didn't see a reason to get vista, you really don't have a reason to get windows 7 when it comes out, and the full OS will be about 450$ Canadian.

So as a result before the Beta expires I will be installing Linux and moving away from Windows.

I have been researching what Wine can do and am very impressed, Wine is the windows emulation for Linux and just recently had it's first 1.0 release.

This includes 95% support for direct X 9.0b games. And the game i am playing at the moment run under it quite well. Next I will be looking into how the book reader software and Photo editing tools work under Linux.

So that is what I have been up to in the last few weeks.