Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A wee walk, and climbing on fairy homes

I started the morning with a walk up to the towner on the hill, the group wasn't getting going until 9:00 am so I had lots of time..

The path had this neat anti-rockfall mesh, like giant chain-mail.

the tower was kinda small, but neat to look from

We then got together and headed for the river Leith(sp?) where it is told is the tears from a Scottish giant maiden that was crying over her lost love that went to Ireland. The legend goes that those who put there face into the river will have beauty for the rest of there lives.

We then went to a light house on tip of the isle of Skye and had to walk down, and up and down the hills to get there. Lots of UP :(

Then we headed to the Fairy glen and climbed on there home.
It is said that stacking the rocks and leaving tokens for the Fairy will bring you luck, so I left a 50Isk coin on the rocks.

The next day we where on our way to Inverness, Castle Dun Vegan, and loc Ness.