Saturday, April 30, 2011

A wee trip to the higlands

Well day two we left early and headed to Pourtree, a Town on the isle of Skye. We took the ferry across so had to be there by 5:30 to ensure we made the 6:00 ferry (the last of the day)

Our first rest break was a Hamish the Highland Coo..

There was also a loom set up there on how they weave tartans.

We stopped at the Onich hotel for lunch, Had a good lunch and had some time to walk on the beach.



Then we where back on the road again and our next stop was the Harry Potter Bridge :) It was in the first movie as the Hogwarts train steamed across the bridge.

It is also known as the glen Finn-en monument

Any who.. we made the ferry at 4:30 so caught the 5:00 one so where where ahead of schedule. There was a cool statue on the docks that we saw as we set sail.


We got to Pourtree early and got set up in hostels, B&B and hotels and then wandered for dinner.

After i wen't to bed i flipped on the TV and was watching the movie "The brides made' at one point in the movie they are in Scotland and they all hop in the range rovers and head to the pub. And there was a shot of the cars going along the docks to the pub. So look at the above picture and picture a line of ranger rovers driving past the buildings.. It was cool, I was there...)

For the record the pink one is not a pub as the movie shows it, but a hotel.

Anyway end of day two, i start the morning with a walk up to the tower you can see above the hostel.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scotland and a wee birthday.

Well i went to Scotland for Easter, flew into Glasgow and took the train to Edinburgh. That night I wandered around the Nelson Monument.

Then wandered over to the royal mile and had dinner at a nice Italian registrant.

The next day was my free day, started the morning at 9:30 am opening of the castle.

I totally lucked out, they where doing a 21 gun salute for the queens official birthday. But first I did the free guided tour of the castle, learned a lot about the castle and it's surrounds, went in and saw the Scottish crown jewels and Stone of Destiny... More on the stone later :)


The sky was overcast but so bright it washed out most of the sky on my photos, it was kind of annoying, and neat. It was like having a large overhead fill flash..


Anyway I stayed around for the noon salute and watched them fire the guns :)


After that I walked over to the botanical gardens, it was a long walk, and the weather was warmer than it looked. Stopped for pizza along the way and then toured the gardens.


Went on the hot house tour, and that was cool, there was also a science center set up and that had some really interesting things. The gardens weren't in bloom yet, but there was the odd bloom, and lots of planting and work going on.


Anyway after that I walked back to the hotel and put in a really early wake up call. The next day was the start of the tour to the isle of Skye. Had to be at the bus stop at 8:30 am.. Good thing there was a hour time zone change, it made the wake up call that never came pointless...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sore feet

Started at the castle at 9:30 and the at noon headed to bot botanical guarden.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scotlandi ho...

Well sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight to glass glow.. Then I will take a train to edundbrough and then a bus tour of thenisle of sky.
More posts to follow