Monday, March 29, 2010

SUPER jeep to the volcano

Well I took the super jeep trip to the volcano.


The trip was fun and we drove for 2 hours to get there, when we got there the wind was blowing and it was COLD, COLD, COLD!!

This is Ana a friend from work.

And without further a due.

Yep that was it, we got to within 3KM of the volcano and that picture was with maximum zoom :(

My room mate and others hiked 15km each way to get to see the following, I am looking for a tour company that will take me there. Here is what they saw!

Keven photos
Eruption in Iceland photo essay

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hiiii HOOO it is off to the Volcano ?!?!?

Well tomorrow night I am going on a Volcano tour with Super Jeep. They will take as close as is safe.

Hopefully i will have some good photos when i return at 1-3 AM...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Volcano Update and scuba

Well the volcano has been active and grown a bit, the magma chamber is still increasing pressure so it is anticipated to keep going for a while.


In scuba news did the first outdoor dive and it did not go well.

First the water was 2.2C deg, but that was OK. As some of you know I have never been comfortable with tight things around my neck (mom can attest to my dislike of dress shirts and ties!

Well the Dry suite has a very tight rubber neck, and coupled with a bit small hood I felt like I was being choked. I was fine paddling around on the surface, but when 10M down I was very uncomfortable and I apparently hadn't been inflating my dry suite properly, but that was besides the point.

The neck thing was what was really bothering me and as a result I was very focused internally and not paying attention to my suroundings. So I surfaced and sat out the rest.

Finni will try and find a bigger dry suite for me and hopefully with less pressure on my neck I will be able to pay attention and complete my dive.

I think i will bow out of the diving in mexico if I can just to be safe. Don't want to pay alot of money for something I won't be able to do.

Going to see if I can change it to the trip to the old ruins.

The Trip!

So I have the itinerary for Mexico :)
It will be a 10 hour flight there departing at 7:00 AM getting into Puerto Vallarta at Noon there time. Hope my Ipod battery lasts that long :P

April 28th Wednesday
Atlanta, Reykjavik and Newcastle arrival and check-in Puerto Vallarta
No formal activities or schedule

April 29th Thursday
Morning Scuba diving for 5.5 hours, then the Beach!
Shanghai participants arrive at hotel and check-in
Full unity welcome dinner at the hotel at 19:00

April 30th Friday
Morning Canopy Tour Zip-Line thought the jungle canopy
Afternoon Dune buggy through the hills and country side.

May 1st Saturday (The CCP Work day)
10:00-15:30 CCP Assembly
17:30 Depart for the boats to CCP Fiesta Grande
- There is a 1 hour boat ride each way to the festivities
00:00 Arrive back at resort, organized CCP after party

May 2nd Sunday
Check out for all Icelandic, Atlanta and Newcastle participants
Fly back

Monday, March 22, 2010

more volcano news


Well more video and the rift has widened to about 2km in length. It is expanding towards Ketla.

And Reykjavik excursions are offering tours (6 hours and 9900 isk) but they are a a little vague on what you will see or how close you will get.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


A volcano has erupted about 130km from Reykjavic

The people below the glacier where evacuated within 5 hours and the danger of flooding is low

Update more video:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Into the lake

Well tomorrow is the first outdoor dive. Current weather is overcast with wind and rain. Hey when you are underwater you don't notice the rain :)

It shall be interesting, I understand we will do two dives tomorrow.

Then next saterday we will our final dive.
Assuming I pass everything then I am ready for Mexico.

Bounce Bounce.

UPDATE: weather to bad, scuba postponed a week