Saturday, March 20, 2010

Into the lake

Well tomorrow is the first outdoor dive. Current weather is overcast with wind and rain. Hey when you are underwater you don't notice the rain :)

It shall be interesting, I understand we will do two dives tomorrow.

Then next saterday we will our final dive.
Assuming I pass everything then I am ready for Mexico.

Bounce Bounce.

UPDATE: weather to bad, scuba postponed a week


jjdebenedictis said...

Too bad about the cancellation.

Can you see anything of the volcano that just started erupting? It's pretty far from Reykjavic, but I wondered if there's a plume of steam clouds or anything.

Sarf's Travels. said...

Volcano O.o

No it is about 130km east of Reykjavik. And it is overcast so can't see far!

There is some Webcam video out and it turns out it isn't under the glacier like it was feared, so no major flooding.

About 22:16 into the video.