Sunday, April 15, 2012

Long time...

Wow it has been a while since I posted..

Yesterday I rented a car and headed out to the hoover dam. Everyone has been telling me that I needed to do the dam tour. Unfortunately the dam tour wasn't running because the elevator was broke... :(

Las Vegas 2012-8135

So the dam took allot less time that I expected. So i figured out how to get my GPS to find the right red rock canyon (there is one near Reno also) and headed there. It looks like a area i will be going back to a few time. There is allot of easy - moderate trails to hike.

Didn't have good foot wear yesterday so I just drove the scenic drive.

Las Vegas 2012-8225

Las Vegas 2012-8268

I have some work to do at work, then I am going to head back to red rock for about 5:00 ish. The park is open until 8:00 pm today, and sunset is about 7:00 pm today :)

Hopefully get some nice sunset photos, and a bit of hiking prior to that to see the petro glyphs.

More pics of what I saw including some nice steel flowers.. and a few pics of my new digs.