Sunday, November 11, 2012

Im Learning....

Well it has been a while, I am most of the way through the first semester, and have gotten second semester planed out.

Still trying to figure out if I am going to look for a summer job, or go to summer school.

If I do summer school, then I might be able to shave a year off the program, but I won't have any income over the summer.  It is a matter of how fast I burn my savings paying for this, I think I have enough to do the 4 years, But it could be close.  I need to get off my but and apply for student loans.

Classes are going good, and I am actually enjoying English class more than I thought I would.  Studying Martian Luther King Jr. essay "A Letter From Birmingham Jair" has inspired me to start writing a novel.  I am about 80k words in now and the Urban Fantasy novels should be about 90k -  100k words.

All told school is appealing to me, and I am doing good grades wise.