Monday, July 14, 2008

Rant Mode on!

I am peeved at software installers and websites at the moment.

First Itunes wants to install new software on my computer every time there is a a update. I want a update of Itunes, and I don't mind it updating quick time at the same time. I have quick time installed, so there for I want updates, But i draw the line in the installer trying to push new software on me every update, I DON'T WANT SAFARI!. If I did I would install it, but I don't need the updater pushing new software on me.

Next up is Yahoo and Flickr, I changed user accounts to judge some pictures, and now i can't remember what the user name was, I figured out the user name. But it wants to know my birthday, and other information and a postal code to confirm before it sends me a new password. Why not do what 90% of other websites do is send a new password to the registered email address! Even if I am someone trying to steal the account, emailing a new password to my email address isn't the end of the world!

These two things have made my weekend kinda frustrating!

/Rant mode off!

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