Monday, September 7, 2009

The arival of Karen.

Alarm goes off at 03:30 , what does the 0 stand for, "Oh my god it is early".

Yes i got up at 3:30 am and then drove out to the airport after the shower, breakfast...

In case you are wondering I did leave a bit of extra time in case... as a result i sat for about 45min, I could have slept in more, Then it took almost a half hout for Karen to get her lugage and wander past customs.

For the record Karens flight landed at 6:20 am and the sun rose at 6:25AM so she beat the sun here.

We then headed to my place in Reykjavik and fed her breakfast. Dumped the luggage and headed out for a walk, took her along the cost from the Viking ship down to the sea wal near work. Karen's comment was "Is it possible to take a bad picture here?"

Stopped at work and gave her a tour, and then had hot choclate in the lunch room.
Wandered a little more than caught a cab back to my place.

Sat around for a little while, then we took the car and drove up to the Perlan and had lunch and looked over the city, then we drove over to the beach and had a wander. Last we drove out to the light house and wandered along the beach for a bit.

Then it was time to head home and make supper, made spagetii for Karen, willem, and Roary (sp?).

It is now the morning of the next day and sleep head is still sleeping...
Today the plan is to go tot he blue lagoon and to pack :)

Tommorow will be on the road.

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