Sunday, November 6, 2011

The 20%

As most of you know now, CCP had 20% layoffs, I was part of them :( So the chapter of my life spent living in Iceland will be coming to a close.

I am going to miss living here, there was something about living in Iceland that resonated with my being. Even the blowing rain sideways could not make me dislike living here. Sure it was not all roses and butterfly's, but the ruggedness of the country appealed to me.

AS of the 27th I will be flying out of here, probably not to return for many years, but I will come back at some point, there is still more of Iceland that I want to see.

I am going to miss the fireworks at new years, the crystal blue sky that goes on forever during the summer. The moss covered fields and rugged piles of dirt they call mountains... :P

I will be leaving behind a group of wonderful co-workers and a few good friends that I will miss dearly.

Every door closes eventually, but the future could be even more exciting.

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