Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mexico Day -1 should have been -0.5

We where scheduled to leave at 7:00 AM on Wednesday but the Volcano didn't get the memo and we had to sit in the airport for 15 hours :( Finally got out at about 21:00.


It started out about noon we took the buses out to Keflavik and where hoping to fly at 13:00 but that didn't worked, the next update would be at 18:00. So we sat around and visited and played cards...

Then at 17:00 we found out we would be going, so we started checking in. When we got to security they where not there so we had to wait... Then when we got food and got to passport control. they weren't there, seeing a trend?

I ran into a small snag there, since I had me passport renewed in Iceland, so the poor customs guy went through my passport three times looking form my entry stamp. Had to explain I had it renewed here and then it was OK once he checked where it had been issued.

Anyway we then got to the gate and low and behold no plane.


And our plane showed up for the trip :) The Airbus 340 is a BIG plane, I could easily stand in the engine intake and have room to wear a sombrero.

We all piled on and took off for sunny Mexico, I felt sad for the flight crew they had been up since 6:30 AM in case we flew at any of the windows.

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