Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mexico Day One

Well the first day was really a continuation of the previous day. As we had just arrived at 6:30 AM. The hotel staff was awesome, staying up way late to check us in, and they had sandwiches and drinks waiting for as we walked in the door 15h late.


I stayed up and had breakfast at the hotel, the Triton restaurant was cool and open air at the same time. The birds just flew in and apparently have learned that anything on the dirty dishes tray was open game. They would actually sit on the back of a chair and not touch a plate on the table, but where all over the clearing trays.


At 8:00 I got on the buss for the tour to San Blas. It was a two hour drive so I slept on the bus for that part. But before we got out of the city I saw some construction where they where installing this.


Before we got to San Blas we stopped at a crocodile farm. To get to it we had to take a 30 min boat trip. The boat trip was through canals and along the way the guides spotted many animals. How i have no idea cause as they parked the boat right under them it was still bloody hard to see them.


Once we got the the farm the biting began, there was MANY MANY mosquitoes :( but we saw crocks!

I saw a jaguar :)

ps. The camera slipped into the cadge, my hand did not and the cat was watching me the whole time. I am sure that if I had moved another six inches the cat would have had a snack!

Once we where done with that it was on the San Blas. The old fort was a big disappointment as you got shuffled through it very quickly and the fort was way to spiffed up to get a good feel of how old it was, and the rest of the ruins where being "preserved" so you couldn't go there. They had also cemented the canons into the walls :(


For lunch we went to McDonald's, there we had authentic Mexican food, it was Good. The town was nice also and there was a bit of a outdoor market.



While we were walking around this guy came out of a registrant and putt a funnel into the manhole cover and started poring something in, while talking with the police officer.


You would never get away with that the police would be way to suspicion of you in north America. You would probably get charged with illegal dumping.

That night we had our arrival dinner around the pool at the hotel. They had a mariachi band playing and dancers.


After that it was drinks and socializing.


jjdebenedictis said...

Ooh! Your dancers were much better than the ones we saw in Mexico. I love the costumes, and you did a great job of capturing the motion.

jjdebenedictis said...


Sarf, this is an amazing photo!

(Sorry; I don't want to sign up to flickr just to leave a comment.)

jjdebenedictis said...

Okay, more *flaily-flaily-flaily* spam:

I also really like this photo (was that your camera? I note you had a lot of shots that were taken in the water.)

And I agree with Heather; this volcano shot is particularly gorgeous.

Okay, I'll stop spamming you now.

Sarf's Travels. said...

Yes that was my camera in the water, have a diving housing for it :)