Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick trip report

I am not going to to the in depth one that I did more Marrakesh. I am also trying the linking for the photos, you should be able to click on them and goto flickr for the full sized image :)

Ok I flew into Montpelier a couple of days before Dave and Kathy arrived (flights where cheaper to be over a weekend) and it was raining :(

Sunday I put on my rain jacket and head out walking, Blackberry in hand running the GPS software :) at least I could find my way back to the hotel...

Did the same Monday, it was at least a little sunny that morning.


well after a little mix up and some anxious waiting Dave and Kathy showed up at the hotel, they thought i would meet them at the airport, i was sure they where coming to the hotel... anyway they made it to the hotel and we met up, they had a quick shower and we headed to the train.

Dave and Kathy slept for a bit as they had been up for 19h I think, and slept in a airport the night before.

We got there and Norman picked us up and drove us to there place in Eus. Margeret is Kathys cousin twice removed, and they were so kind to let us stay there for the week.

They have this beautiful farm house in a orchard about 5 min drive outside of Eus.
The Next few days we traveled around on day trips, went and picked a bunch of cherry's fresh off a friend of Normand and Margerets.,they where REALLY good.

Then we went to Fort Liberia that was built in the 1600's and they had built a tunnel up to it with 880 steps. We found out after that you are to walk up the outside, then come down the steps :) oops we went backwards!

The next day we went to a different fort, but this one was a port on the sea.

The next day we had a lazy day and just sat around the house, that afternoon we went and saw the a couple of churches, and looked around inside.
Then the next afternoon we headed back to Montpelier and then spent the next day walking the old city. It was allot more interesting when not raining!
We stayed that night in a small hotel called Etap, small is a exaggeration. I have never stayed in a smaller hotel in my life, It was a double bed with a bunk bed over top, this is there 3 adult room. Also there doesn't seem to be allot of staff, it was all touch screen to check in. It took your credit card info, and gave you a room number, and 6 digit code for the door to your room.
Needless to say there in't alot of room to stretch out, but if you are only staying a night or two, this is a good cheap hotel in France to stay at. They even have a do it your self breakfast in the morning, on weekdays.

Well that was the trip to France. Norman and Margret's house was Great, I could see my self retiring there, it was the most peaceful place I have been to in years. There is something about that country that just puts you at ease and makes you relax! Well worth the trip, and the company was superb as usual.

Now off to see the incredible hulk!

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Alison said...

Jealous! Jealous jealous JEALOUS! Glad you had a great trip! :)