Friday, June 20, 2008

Independance Day, and Womans day...

Well June 17, is Icelandic independence day, and it is as big a celebration as you can imagine, there was about 60k-70K people in downtown Reykjavik.

UnfortunatelyI missed the parade, but there was still a lot of things going on, there was 3 main sages around down town. Unfortunately one of them was a kids stage, and they where teaching kids <> the Chickend Dance < /shudder >. Ohh the humanity, the poor kidlets will be scared for life, and even though i could not understand a word of it. The person dressed int he Yello chicken suite and the song confirmed what was happening... :(

There was one truck that kept circling through the crowd, they where playing misic and sort of dancing in slow motion.
The costumes where beutiful, and the music was neet, I am told that they repersent the elements and the seasons.

Speaking of costumes there where a fair number of people dressed in traditional clothing, The first is a picture of a friend, and her husband, and the second is just somebody. The last one is just a girl waiting for here mom at a bonk machine, either her or her mom really like pink!

There was also a model going aroudn the old cars posing and having pictures taken, I put my caamere over the photographers sholder and snapped a few picks. And hey she is pretty :)

They had a bunch of antique cars, and other groups displaying stuff.

And ofcourse there was stuff for the kids to do IMG_8251.

June 18th was womans day, or so I was told. I haven't been able to find any backing information about it online so no details. Alot of people where wearing pink to celebrate, unfortunatlyI didn't have my camera with me, so no pictures.

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