Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glacial Adventures

Today I decided to take another tour, and caught the bus for a hour of snowmobiling on one of the glaciers, It also stopped at a couple of water falls on the way back.

On the bus I met a couple of ladies from Los Angeles, California. They are part of a web site called It is a network of people that are willing to let others crash on there couch for a trip. They are staying at a couple of different peoples places while in Iceland. All told it sounds interesting, definitely worth a look into some more. Anyway this Eva and Peggy getting ready for the snow mobiles.

Peggy seems kinda of quiet but interesting, while Eva is outgoing and bubbly. She was allot of fun to hang around with for the day, and I hope they keep in contact.

Anyway we did the bus thing for a hour and a half to get there.
And there is was 4km of rough and bumpy road to drop off the tour that was going hiking on the glacier. Then back over the 4km of rough bumpy roads to the highway and on to the 12km of mostly rough road to the ski-do's .
One of the down sides of meeting new people is they make you do things :( like get my picture taken...
As ytou can see i still am a bad subject for photos :P

Anyway we soon mounted up and headed out.
The guide had us follow in single file behind him with instructions of "If I disapear down and you hear screaming, STOP!", or something to that affect.
After stopping at the top for a educational presentation, we headed back down and into the bus for the trip to the waterfalls.

The first is the bigger of the two, and the more spectacular.

The second water fall You could walk a path behind the falls, It was more of a goat trail that you had to be more than 50% to clamber over, and it was wet and slippery! The first was accurate, the slippery part was a under statement.


Anyway near the end there was a wooden bridge across the stream, and this guy from Australia wanted to have a picture taken on the bridge. Didn't know he was going to climb up on it.

As always the rest of the photos are up on Flickr, see the top of the site for the link.

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Chumplet said...

What fantastic pictures! Ontario is so boring after that. Except for the Hoser... I mean, Horseshoe Falls, of course.

Thanks for buying my book!