Saturday, June 21, 2008

Biking my Ass Off!

Well putting the new bike to good use.
Started out the morning by biking to the hardware store, then Kringland (aka mall) and then the Canon store. And JJdeben... wants me to blog more so here goes...

You are probably worried now that I said "Canon store", but I only bought a new battery, the 3rd party battery I got a while ago is Crap! It would take about 30 photos then it was dead, while the Canon made one would take 400-500 photos between charging.. and since I have 3 4GB memory cards that each hold 379 photos in Raw format (you don't want to know the number in JPG only) I needed a backup batter some times :)

If you though that was a lot of biking, i then when and played tourist :) and this is where the photos come in...

So I started by biking south to the cost and turned left, and on till morning. Wait been reading the crystal singer novels again.. But I did turn left.

First stop was the beach, yes Iceland has a beach, they heat it, but they have a beach!
As you can see it is a small beach, but it is a beach.

Next i climbed the hill up to Pertlan (the big round dome on the hill from other photos) and took alook around there, they have a artificial Geyser there that goes off every 3 min. Aint it cool!
Then I biked down the hill, trust me much easier than up! And past this cool sort of ravine that was jagged rocks, and there was a pick nick area in the bottom. The photo doesn't do it justest, but if I had taken the one that would have, I couldn't maintain a PG rating on my blog :) There was also this cool flower growing along the path.
Well I kept biking and back past the beach (into the wind now) and along the cost heading to the point. Along the way i found this cool water fountain, it is cast of bronze and is just neat. IMG_8310IMG_8311

Anyway as I hit the end of the point, I turned from into the wind to with the wind :) There was this sign at the beach that connect to the light house, I wish I had taken a photo of it, it was this weird mix of English and Icelandic. They used English for most of the warning, Icelandic names for the area, and Icelandic for the months it was in affect...

It appears that there are birds that nest along the sandbar between the shore and the island that has the light house, that is why it is closed for part of the year, so I didn't risk it, but it was a nice view.

On the way sorta back home...

Well I got side tracked near the office, and decided to explore the docks area a bit, and see if I could get out onto the breakwater since it was a nice day. I have seen waves breaking over the break water during the winter. Well I got out to the end of it, and found a bunch of polish fisherman out there fishing...

Then biked home and wrote this, next is to collapse and recover :)

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