Monday, September 1, 2008

Parental Invasion, Day Next...

Well today we hopped int he car and headed out on highway #1 AKA the ring road. We headed towards south Iceland with the goal of getting to Vek (Veek) and having lunch. Well lunch happened about 2:30 :)

The first stop was a waterfall that was about a hour driving, it was about 9:00 - 10:00 am at this point, and the falls where still in shadow.
The sun was highlighting the top of the falls and producing a nice effect.
Just down a small trail and around another bend was another falls tucked away in the rocks, you had to wade in to see it good. Mom took a picture with my camera.
BTW that water is only a few minuets removed from a glacier! it is COLD!!!
There said source of COLD water!

Next dad found another falls on the map that was close that I hadn't seen before, so we headed off on a secondary road, it was bumpy and pothole filled, we thought that was the worst road we had ever seen, little did we know.
This one I remember the name of it is Gullafoss, and from the top of the lower section.

Next waterfall, sry can't remeber the name.
To the right of this picture is a set of steps up to the top, mom counted 479. She and I climbed them all, it was a amazing view!
Proof we climbed 479 steps, and 2 small hills.
We stopped at Vek for lunch at a N1 (gas station) and then turned around, this is a small church on the hill, we saw several that look to be the exact same floor plan during the day.

First stop on the way back was a black sand beach. I thought it was black gravel beach, but mom liked it. You can see our next destination in the back ground.

To get to our next point of intrest you follow this nices paved road, it becomes gravel, then there is the sign saying warning rought road, drive with care and watch for nesting birds.
So I drive carefully over some of the worst washboard I can imagine, about 5KM of it. Then we get to a seond sign, warning offroad driving prohibited, rought road ahead. We start seeing large potholes and the road starts going up. Soon i am going up a switchback picking my way around smalle bolders in the a toyota. But we made it to the top of the bluff and had a amazong view.

Oh and a light house for sis :)

We had supper in Hella (Het-la). They had Very good fish and ships... They had a small typo in the English menu.

We stopped at a small museum that mom found, but they where closed for the day so we poked around outside at some of the restored houses. Dem Vikings where short!

Finally we got back to Reykjavik about 9:15 pm, so it had been a very long day of driving.

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