Sunday, August 31, 2008

Heather in Iceland

Now that the sibs. have stopped choking. I meant the flower not the person :)

I am so far behind processing, and uploading pictures it isn't funny. And I am tuckered out, there is just something wrong when the parents can wear you out. But i think they are kinda tuckered out also :)

We Lucked out and got a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, it is looking like it could be the only one that will happen for there trip. We rented a car today and headed out to do the golden circle tour at our own pace. First stop was Þingvellir this is a national park in Iceland and from 970 AD to 1890 ish it was the site of the yearly parliament. The tribes from all over would come each year and meat and create laws, trade, and try cases. The neat thing about the courts was that it was left up to the victim to enforces the ruling. If the court said that someone should die, it was up to the victim family to carry out the sentence or not. That has some interesting safe guards built into the justice system.
One of the cool things about Þingvellir is that there is a big crack running down the park where the NA and Euro/Asia tectonic plates are pulling apart. And there is a cool waterfall that is falling off the NA side and running down the crack and out into the EA side. When i did the bus tour almost a year ago. It was A: Raining, and B: we had a pushy tour guide... This time not tour guide and a nice sunny day.
This time as you can see we had time to walk up to the waterfall :)

Next stop was Gyser, we stopped and had lunch here also. Turns out that the sause that i didn't like from the hamburger from last trip is also on the chicken burgers :(

After lunch and shopping in the tourist trap, I picked up some herbal tea that should help somebody upset stomach in the morning :)

We headed to Gulfoss Water falls next, this fall is also knowen as the golden falls.

That done, and the rain starting to creep in and threaten, we headed back to Reykjavik. All told it was a nice day tour. I am wondering if sister and husband when they come would like to do this trip, weather permitting.


Heather said...

Beautiful photos and thankfully a nice day to see it all. Mom & Dad also found good weather when they were here.. well, good in their eyes as it wasn't 90+ :) Hoping they see more good weather for the rest of their trip as those are some beautiful photos to remember their trip by.

jjdebenedictis said...

I am wondering if sister and husband when they come would like to do this trip, weather permitting.

Yes! I showed Andrew the pictures and his comment was "That looks awesome!"

And for the record, I agree. :) Are you sure you won't be bored doing it a third time?

Kathy said...

I would just like to say thanks for the tea! It was a nice way to finish off the dinner your mom provided when they got home!