Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wale watching

Well mom and dad have been here since Thursday but Thursday doesn't count :) they landed at 6:30 AM in Iceland, and the hotel room wasn't ready until 11:00 :(

Friday morning I had Python training, the language not the animal, unfortunately there was a big bug that I needed to fix, so after giving them a tour of the office. So I ended up spending the first day of my vacation working :(

Anyway day two I dragged them whale watching, it was a lot more unpleasant than you would think, it was cold, waves where high (better than 6 flags if you wanted a roller coaster ride) and did I mention Cold and wet, and oh yea it was COLD!

Recognize this intrepid traveler? Also this was the first photo that I touched up with light room.

The clarity setting is cool! Anyway after seeing a few Minke whales and some dolphins. I gave up trying to take photos in the chop. But got this one, unfortunately it wasn't swimming at the time.

On the way back there was a flock of birds soaring around the boat, following and skiming the waves around us. It was cool.

After we docked, I took them into the office, to get hot chocolates and warm up. Had a nice visit and a couple of hot chocolate then walked back to my place in the rain. Dad didn't like the uphill but we all made it. Looked at websites for a while and planed the next few days of there stay. Tomorrow we head to Thinkvillr and Gyflos, and Gyser. Speiling on those is optional.

Then after that we grabbed bathing suites and went to a pool neat the hotel. It was cool i hadn't been to a Icelandic pool before. I think I will go back, one of the neat and sensible ideas is that you have to shower before getting into the pool without your suite. have to wash the head, arm pits, crotch and feet with soap. Then you can put on your suite and go in the pool. It seamed weird first then I thought about it and it makes sense. It gets rid of allot of the things that are transmitted by pools. The pools didn't seem like they had allot of chemicals in them and they had hot tubs that where from 38c up by 2c to 44c. So you could chose hot hot you wanted. Mom and I liked the 42C one dad ended up like it about 40c.

Anyway I left them tuckered out at the hotel and are going to meat at 7:00 am for breakfast then pick the rental car up at 8:15 and head out.

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Heather said...

Sounds great. :) Mike and I could use those hot tubs today!!! We are beginning to feel the effects of a couple of days of digging in deep into renovations.

Have a great vacation with the parental units! We are still recovering from the tuckered out travels with them.