Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Parental Invasion of Ikea !?!?!?

Well today was a slow day, we started out late with breakfast, then we drove to Ikea and looked ad bedding stuff. I picked up a new kitchen knife and a anti skid pad for my bed, and a mat for in front of my bed.

Then we went to the Perlan, the big water tanks in the middle of town, and walked around the observation dome.

Then we headed out and went to the blue lagoon.

Spent 2 hours floating around and getting healthy in the therapeutic waters. I don't think I have ever seen mom enjoy a pool more, I think if heather and Mike came they would spend the whole day getting all the spa treatments. They do massages and facials in the pool.

well that was the day, tomorrow we start early, return the car, be at the bus terminal for 9:00 to take the bus tour to the north.

Night Night all.

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