Friday, September 5, 2008

Bus Sore Butts!

Well the last two days we did bus tours to two distance parts of Iceland, the first was up to the glacier Snæfellsjökull north of Reykjavik. It was a long day, 10 hours on the bus, and it was cramped :( We stopped at several small attractions and took the tunnel under the ocean. and stopped at a small fishing village.



At lunch we stopped at this small harbor and had lunch in the red roofed house.

After lunch we continued around behind the mountain, the glacier was in the clouds :( We stopped at a black sand beach, i found it funny there was a life preserver station half way up the beach. But in the 1930's there was a ship that wreaked here and there was rusted scrap iron all over the beach.

We got back to the Nordica about 8:00 pm, and then wen't to bed. The next day we headed out to Landmannalaugar for the day. It is a area of the interior that is very colorfull.
But first stop was a waterfall and a old viking village.

Then we whent into the interior, Washboard is one thing, but 30km of it is a new definition of PAIN! and I don't think washboard quite describes the ordeal anymore. :(

We then did a nice two hour hike up to the steam vent over the lava fields. Dad managed without to much problem.

After the walk you could change (there was a wooden deck for changing, not walls ) and take a swim in a geo thermoly heated stream.

Then it was sore and tired travelers back on the buss for 3 hour drive back to reykjavik. we stoped for coffee and a photo op with Hekla, the volcano.

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