Sunday, November 18, 2007

The saga of the keys

It was a cold and rainy day, our hero was in search of a place to call home. The place to call home had been located, but the keys of access where missing (Ian took them back to the states with him when he flew home). But never fear, the fearless Chantal had keys of access, but our hero could not have hers, but she would let our hero copy them.

Our hero set out to make copies of the keys, the keepers of lore in the HR department said "Go across the street, there is a hardware store there". Rain coat adorned our hero set out. Upon arriving the helpful lady said that they could do that and gave direction to the crafter of keys.

Upon locating the crafter of keys informed our hero that he lacked the blank keys for to make copies of these keys.

So our hero returned to the keepers of lore and informed them of the state of things. They said, oh goto Byko ( "y" is pronounced like "ye" so it is said "bee-ko") just a little further south.

Once again our hero set out into the cold rain. a short 10 min hike into the wind later he arrived at Byko. Again the helpful lady directed him to the crafter of keys. (surprisingly not the same lady). The crafter of keys took our lady Chantal keys into his lair and there was much talk in a strange language. Eventually the crater of keys came back and said he only had a blank for one of the keys. Our hero decided to get that one done, he could now get into the apartment, but not the building....

The crafter of keys also knowing some lore gave direction to another crafter of keys that might be able to do the other key. So our hero turned up his collar and began the 20 min hike to the other crafter of keys located on on Laugavegur (yes it is pronounced, don't ask me how!).

After a bitter cold hike to this crafter of keys our hereo finds a kindly old crafter who has no problems making the last key.

Our hero now begins the 30 min hike back to his place of work, hiking once again into the blowing rain our hero becomes chilled and goes "to heck with this!" and ambushes a idle cab for a ride back.

And that is the tale of our intrepid hero got a place to live.



Alison said...


good job

Kathy said...

Glad to know our intrepid hero now has a place to live! (Even if it is a little drafty). Sounds like you won't have a problem with being too warm in Iceland!