Thursday, November 8, 2007

Action!, Lights! Camera?!?!?

Icelanders seems to really like there emotion detectors. You find them not only on doors, But also the lights. For a country that has allot of cheap electricity they are very conscious of turning things off.

Like Briton there is a large number of CCD cameras around. so we have Action, that turns on the Lights, which makes you show up on the Camera!

On the living front it looks like i could be rooming with a couple of people here as early as next week. So maybe i will have a place to have dad ship my PC to :)

Other than that life goes on. the rain doesn't stop but the temperature feels allot like early fall. there have been a couple of cold days but nothing really bad, and am starting to see some ice when walking to work in the morning.

The swans and ducks are still in the pond around the city hall.

So write comment so I know that there are people out there.

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jbeames said...

The Adventures of Sarf are very interesting! So tell me more about the cameras - on the streets? in buildings? Both? Biiks are expensive here too. Lots of complaints now that the CDn $ is at par with the US $ - rip off pricing! Sounds like you are having fun. I assume you have the job. What can you tell about it?Are you simply programming or are you leading a team...