Tuesday, November 13, 2007

House and info about what i do.

Moved into the apartment last night. Should be interesting, the apartment is basically a 3 bedroom attic suite. We have a large bathroom with a big tub. In the laundry room is the washer (have to line dry everything) and the shower.

Have one bedroom sized space as a living room, the kitchen has a dish washer which I understand is kinda rare in Iceland Chantal . Chantal was nice enough to wash the sheets from the bed i will be using. They are flannel sheets so it was like staying at Grans house :). It seems the preferred bedding here is a comforter with a flannel cover and a bottom sheet. Different, but warm enough.

turns out i was wrong about Chantal she is from Holland not england.

And here is a picture for Karen.

Snædís Perla C. Sigurðardóttir was wearing these on the weekend, I liked the style, and though of Karren

Well on to other things, there was a comment, Thank you Joan nice to know someone is reading my ramblings.

Yes there are cameras on the street, not as much as i here england is like, but they are there, allot of buildings have security cameras, even the small shops. which considering I hear crimes is very very low here is surprising, but maybe that is why. At the moment I am going with the rough number that everything is about 40% more expensive. The cheap Inn room I was staying in was charging ccp about 9k($150) a night for the room, and in the summer he charges about 11k($183) a night. When I was in the hotel it was 10K a night and I can't imagine what they charge in the summer.

Job, I am working as part of a team, not leading it but it is a small team with 2 full time engineers and 3 part time. Björn Swift (pronounced Be-Urn) teaches part time at Reykjavik university, Matti has a chronicle sick child that they are taking care of so he is in only 3 days a week. And Kristján Valur Jónsson( Pronounced Christan) works from home for a couple days a week.

I am working on a project called ambulation for eve-online. Since eve is a space based game you mostly fly around in a ship, but this will allow the player base to get out of there ships and walk around on stations. So as you can imagine there isn't allot of experience here with character based movement and the required systems at CCP.

Anyway I now have a place and i will save the Saga of the apartment keys for another day...


Kathy said...

Your first comment was actually from Dad, not Mom. Just thought you should know. ;)

Anyway, sounds like you're having a good time! You're soooo lucky to be getting this experience!

Alison said...

Hi Rob, I am reading your posts too...just usually late at night when I am very tired....I tried commenting last time and it didn't work so I will try again today. It will be nice to see you (however briefly) at Christmas.

PS - Julie would like her bucket back :)