Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Books, Om My! For the love of the books... and other things.

Above is a picture out the office window near where I am sitting.

Well the new terry Praticht book Making Money come out.. And you know how much i love his books, well i picked it and another pocket book up. The Pocket book was $11 Canadian, and the hard cover was $35 Canadian. All told it cost me $70 Canadian for the two.. Book prices are unreal here, I think I might have to beg people to bring books with them when they come from Canada.

Fan Fest went well and the fan's seem to be excited, there was lots of talks about eve, and some of the round tables where very interesting and some good ideas where put forth.

This is a picture of the producer I am working for, Torfi.

Here is another nice picture.

Well that is all for now, off to find some lunch and then back to wow.

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