Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Golden Circle

Well end of day 2 , tomorrow is the interview..

So did a bus tour today and saw a bunch of stuff. The first place was a green house village, If you have seen a green house you have seen this one, they grow allot of tropical fruit and flowers there.

the next stop was a volcanic crater, basically a hole in the ground with allot of water in the bottom.

The next stop was the golden falls, they are really cool set of falls and the mist they toss out is something else.

next we went to Geyser It is the geyser that started the name of geysers, according tot he tour guide. There are two geysers there the big one that shoots up 80-90 meters and the smaller one. the guide said the smaller one shoots two times every five min, i wasn't sure what she meant as her English is not good. but the geyser shoots off and then a min or so later goes again, there there is a five to ten min wait for the next eruption.

Next we went to the national park, it is where the two continental shelves are pulling apart. and the ground in fractured and torn apart, there was a cool waterfall falling off of north america and running down the crack to exit in Europe . but there was no path leading up to the falls, and the driver didn't stop where you could get a picture of it.

we did a walk here and walked a path that leads up the crack and out on the other side. it was cool.

well that is pretty much today. i have the day 2 pictures uploaded to flickr now, my little laptop is grinding away and struggling to do this task. so i am going to shut it down and go to sleep, need to wide awake tomorrow.

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