Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Blue Lagoon

Well it is Sunday. I was going to write this last night, but was so
tired all i got done was uploading the new photos.

Started the day by going to the mall (Kringlan) and looking for better
rain gear. Icelands definition of XXL and XXXL are very different from
north American. there XXXL rain jacket was tight in the chest and way
to long. I will have to go back to Canada at some point to clean up
the condo. So i will have to go to MEC and get a good one, need a
hood for sure. And some new hiking boots might be good also, finding
my feet are getting blisters :(

Picked up a book and CD set on learning Icelandic so hopefully it will
make mores sense at some point.

In the after noon I went to the famous blue lagoon, Anne and norman,
mike and heather would lover it there.

The lagoon is basically lava rock, so you have to watch out for rocks
on the bottom. And since the water has so much silicate in the water
you can't see more than a few cm below the surface. The silicate mud
is supost to be good for your skin, they have buckets around that you
can ladle out and apply to your face and arms.

They have spa treatments there also, you can get a massage while in
the pool and other stuff. I mostly just sat in the hot water and
became a prune.

The water is kind of neat, you get waves of hot and cooler water
moving through the lagoon. They pump the water in and mix it with cool
water. This is because the source is about 85c hot, and they mix it
with cold water to get about the 45c temperature.

Today I have the lofty goal of figuring out where I can do laundry.

Then I think I will go into work and play WoW...

If you have questions and comments, please start a new email. I am
trying to keep this one as a trip report and the reply s from people
mess up gmail....

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