Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The church again

I didn't write about it but I went up to the top of the church, they have BIG LOUD bells up there.

I was taking a photo out of the window when noon came about... So here I am trying to take a steady photo and this bell starts ringing above my head.

After ringing out the time, they played a nice little tune on the bells, it was quite enjoyable with your fingers shoved in your ears. They don't play the bells by hand, they have nematic strikers now but you can see the remnants of the manual system still.

Needless to say I jumped about 5 feet.

But I did get some nice photos of the area around the church.

Well time to head to the room, EVE-Online fan fest is this weekend. So should be a good time.

More to come and photos from the weekend for sure.

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