Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost the Great Loot day.

Well x-mass is almost on us, this year the great loot day is looking kinda sparse :(

I have gifts from family and work of course, but I have been using my gift to my self for a month or so now. 160GB SSD drive for my computer.

Anyway sorry for the long laps in posts, but between work and other things I haven't felt like writing in a while. I will try to be better in the new year.

In any case have a Merry Loot Day, and a Happy New Year. :P

ps. I will post pictures of the fireworks again this year.

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Heather said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas & don't be a stranger. You going to be around Christmas Day for a skype?

I missed the postal timing for you... so we will figure something out for a Merry January to help balance out your early to yourself with a late from us. Sorry! this international buying/shipping is still weird to me.