Tuesday, December 29, 2009

80k up in smoke and something weird..

Well just went and bought fireworks :) < please note this grin does not come close to the size of the real one!

I bough a bunch of fireworks for new years at work.... and some fire crackers and stuff :)

The something weird is I was laying in bead last night trying to sleep when I noticed my light on the ceiling flickering.

This is odd since the light was off.

At first I thought it was catching the light from the search beacon on top of the Perlan but then realized the light flicker didn't match the light patch on the wall from the search light...

Well I think I have figured it out. I have a compact florescence bulb in the light and I think it was flickering from the RF signal from the airport beacon. Most airports have a radio beacon the planes can use to triangulate there position. The beacons have a pulse at a regular interval so you can identify each station.

I figure as i am close to the airport the radio beacon is powering my light briefly. :) Mystery solved, I think!

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