Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stairs, oh god the stairs!

Aka day 2

Ee started out with a tour of the Moreno glass works. This is were the famous italy glass is hand made. We saw a glass master make the glass by hand. It was hot!

Next we went to st. Marco square and did a tour of the Doge palace.

The would not allow photo on the inside :(

Next up was a gondola ride after lunch. I was with monica, Lori, and Tiffany. It was a nice hour ride with a bottle of bubbly wine.

Next I linked up with jerry, Mckennan and kenna's mom. had breakfast with them.

So after the ride we wandered. Saw many neat shops and I ended up bribing mckenna with chocolate to get her the rest of the way back to the hotel.

So now I am eating a nice penne and chicken dinner at Ginos

Tommowow we head to Florence :)

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