Friday, October 3, 2008

Home and the sib is off.

A short post to say back from London. Jen and Andrew spend a day here and we drove the Golden circle. They did the stops much faster than mom and dad as it was 2c out side. If you know Jen she doesn't do cold well.

And speaking of colds I brought one home from London so I spend Thursday driving around Iceland shivering and sweating alternately. But sis had a good tour of Iceland and we walked the sea wall a bit also and stopped at the Pertlan the day we arrived.

And I have spend most of today curled up in my bead freezing, but i think the cold has broken. I still have the coughing my lungs out phase to go. and my guts are sore already from the coughing.

I have a bunch of nice photos from London and some not so nice ones. But I will get them processed and posted this weekend hopefully. and a real trip report up.

As it was 2c yesterday but nice and sunny. It was good, but it started snowing last night, and Andrew was worried about driving to the airport. I guess they don't get a lot of snow driving in Vancouver :)

But they called me from the airport they got there ok, and the roads had mostly cleared by the time they left. BUt we have nice snow topped mountains again :)

Now back to bed for me...


Kirsten said...

I'm looking forward to your photos!
Your aunt Anne told me to let you know how much I enjoy your photos. I have even swiped one or two and had them as screen savers. You really have an eye for angles and lighting!
Hope you are feeling better soon.
I'm freezing here in Manitoba too!

jjdebenedictis said...

Aw, I feel so bad making you go out driving while you were so sick. :( But we really did have a great time with you! I'm really glad you made the effort.

Andrew caught your cold, but he doesn't seem to have got it as badly as you did. He had a "coughing my lungs out" fit this morning where he sounded pretty gross, but he has been taking cough medicine since and seems much better now.

Thanks for coming out to London to meet us, and thanks for doing the Golden Circle with us--both were really fun!