Friday, October 10, 2008

Dagur tvier...

Well day two of the London trip.

We started the morning out at the British Museum, and Andrew goes through museums like Dad does. Lets put it this way Glaciers move faster!

Anyway a bought noon Jen and i headed to the tower of London. But i had a stop to make first, and headed to Reagent street to buy a Ipod at the apple store, then i cot a cab to the tower. Jen on the other hand walked there.

We spent the afternoon at the tower and saw the crown jewels, they wouldn't let me take picturees :( But i bought postcards...

Anyway we saw the tower and had a good time then caught a cab back to the hotel where we had supper in the room, the following day we headed to the airport and flew to Reykjavik.

More photos coming from that part.

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