Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well off to Morocco, Africa tonight. It should be a fun filled 4 days there. It is +36c right now there and a bright shining sun, and i have my SPF 30 sun screen :)

I am now regretting not packing more shorts when i was packing up my condo, I went looking for hot weather cloths and found that i have 1, count them 1 pair of shorts here. The rest are in storage in Edmonton :)

So I am taking some baggy cargo pants, and my camel hump for water.

I have booked excursions to do a carriage ride thought the palm grove, a hot air balloon, and a cultural walking tour of the old part of the city.

The only hard one will be the balloon ride, I have to be in the lobby by 5:00 AM, OMG that is early!

I will be sure to post my photos when I get back.

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jjdebenedictis said...

EeeeEEEeee! This sounds so exciting!! Can I get a trip report later?