Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Here!

Have you figured out what is here yet?

I walk past this bush (I think it is a bush) every morning and noticed the willow buds starting to come out. And today I stopped and took a photo.

As you can see Spring must be here, the willow bushes are putting out buds :)


k said...

Hey! I hunted for those at your aunt and uncles farm for four years! Congratulations on getting spring. I've been meaning to leave a note for a while now... the Pussy Willows were too sweet to pass up!
*who used to live close to your aunt and uncle, the retreated back to Manitoba and had two more little monsters!

k said...

forgot the N apologies!

Alison said...

lucky! i'm still waiting for edmonton spring... (-6º as I'm writing this)