Monday, March 24, 2008

The Trip to atlanta

The flight into Atlanta was ok, went through Boston to get there.

So got into the Atlanta office on Monday.

Anyway this is what the cubical look like:

It is kinda cool, it is in the theme of one of the games they are doing.

So worked the week, and then Heather and Mike (Sister and brother in law) came down for a visit while i was there.

And guess what, Atlanta had tornadoes that weekend :(

Any way we ended up going to The Aquarium on Saturdays and Stone Mountain on Sunday, and Monday was a holiday in the states.

I did the Behind the scenes tour while heather and mike tried to go to the Coke (tm) museum. But they got herded into a hotel as there was a warning of another tornado.

In the Aquarium i was behind the Reef exhibit when the heavy rain hit, it was coming down so hard that the guide couldn't talk over the rain even with the Loud speaker she had. Below is a picture of a whale shark, Largest species of fish in the world.

The Next day we went to Stone Mountain park in the morning and that afternoon heather and mike drove home. Thanks for coming Guys! Stone mountain is a large out cropping of granite that has been jackhammered into a piece of art(tm)...

As always there are more pictures on my flicker account, in this case under the Atlanta set.

So that was the trip..

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