Sunday, March 9, 2008

land of peaches

Well I am in Atlanta Georgia.

The cab driver got lost and had to phone for directions to get to the inn, but i am here have my room.

Going to go and see if i can find some swim trunks so that i can use the pool.

other than that i am just going to take it easy, and try to get my clock reset for work tommorow.


Alison said...

atlanta? for business? jealous.

Alison said...

ps: grab an egg mcmuffin while you're there :)

Michael Storm said...

... and don't forget a BigMac!

Kathy said...

Speaking of egg McMuffins...
Dave and I had the saga of the bacon and eggs yesterday.
We headed out of the house around noon in search of brunch only to find the ABC restaurant was closed for renovations, Tim Hortons doesn't serve breakfast after noon, and the Alberts restaurant had a line up out the door.
So we finally did our Grocery shopping on empty stomaches and headed home to make bacon and egg bagels. Brunch was served at 2:30. :-D

Sarf's Travels. said...

Thanks guys...

Yea I was there on business. Ended up going to a Macdonald's the last morning. I had to go to this WAl-Mart places.

the McDonald's served egg McMuffins, and also sold soft pretzels :)

But the Wal-Mart was Fin HUGE!! it had a safeway along one wall (not the store, but all the grocery's and stuff that safeway has) and then a regular wall-mart in the middle, And the equivalent of a Canadian tire along the back wall ( the auto bays are in a separate building. On the other wall was the equivalent of a home depot garden center.

It was huge, they should greet you with a loner scooter.