Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camping the Met reports

We won't know for sure that we are on our way to Mexico until the plane takes off. Current;y we are on schedule for departure at 7:00 AM tomorrow from Keflavik. But and there is always a But, We are possibly flying out at 7:00 is from Akueri. If this happens then we get on buses for a 5 hour bus ride to that airport and then fly to Mexico. But, there are two in this. the ash has been creeping north and could close it also.

So we are watching met reports, and email to make sure that we know when to be at the office and ready to go. So with luck I can sleep in to that late time of 2:30 AM and then get up and have a shower and take a cab to the office.

And we will be off, hopefully. We won't really know untill we are flying if we are going. I will try to post by cellphone what is happeneing and when.

Hopefully Mexico bound - rob.

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jjdebenedictis said...

Good luck, and I hope you make it to you destination safe and ash-free! Assuming it all goes ahead, have a great time in Mexico.