Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well I just signed up for a conference on Game AI in Paris this summer :)

The conference is Wen, Thurs (23, 24th) but I am flying back on Sunday :)

So what I want is comments of what to go see in Pairs on my 2 free days, suggestions and ideas are welcome, there is a couple of things that I must see (Eiffel tower,) and so forth.

What else is good, and what is the best way around Paris. The conference is a block from the metro station so that will probably be my mode of transportation.

Let the comments flow.


jjdebenedictis said...

Squee! Paris is really nice! The Metro probably is the best way to see it.

- Eiffel Tower
- Pont (bridge) de Alexander III
- Grand et petite palais (big and small palaces)
- Arc de Triomphe
- Hopital des Invalides
- The Louvre (take a day there; it's HUGE. Also, wear good walking shoes)
- Notre Dame

That's what I can think of off the top of my head. The exterior of the Louvre's just as interesting as the exhibits, by the way. I'll look over our trip report and see if any other highlights spring to mind.

Also, buy the wine. Andrew got a ~$10 bottle and it was some of the best wine he's ever had in his life. The French sell the good stuff at home, not abroad!

alison said...

Yay Paris!! It will be soooo much fun! The thing I remember the most about my time there (10 years ago, for two days) is the time I got off at a random metro station and had lunch at the first cafe I saw. It wasn't a very touristy area, so it was nice and local, and the sandwich I had was fantastic! (It was a whole baguette, and I ate the whole thing!)

PS -- I don't recommend going to the Planet Hollywood.