Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They are Done!

Ok got the last photos processed and uploaded. These include the Vatican, and fountains, and the coliseum. All in Rome!

Now to wright a email to everyone on the tour :)

And to write the trip report, hard to believe it was a month ago now :(

On the other hand we have has some of the most beautiful days here. So far from Saturday to now we have had 15c+ days and clear blue sky's. Been out biking again as I got the winter tires changed off and it is so east to pedal again. and we are getting close to 19hours of daylight right now. So there is a lot of nice Day.

YAAA Summer is here.

On another topic, check this out. This is like google, but searches computable data. For instance if you search for sunrise it will figure out where you are int he world and then figure out what time sunrise was and sunset and other related information. If you enter math formulas it will solve the formulas and display the results.

It is kinda cool.

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