Saturday, March 14, 2009

First post from Kubuntu

I have made the Jump. Windows has been exorcized from my computer.

It was very easy to get it installed, Although it is not seeing my raid yet so it is only installed on one drive.

Wow is up and running, need to figure out how to make a script to do what i need to do to run it. But it works.

Later today I will get Skype installed and IM, then the photo software.

The reason for Jumping ship was i had Windows 7 beta installed. In the fine print on the disk it said you had to register within 30d or it would invalidate. I didn't see this and windows didn't prompt for it.

Well the other day the 30d was up. Windows then deactivates the neat visual features of windows, and ALL your network adapters! so even if i wanted to register it on-line I could not! Well that was the last straw and windows is gone foreever!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Guessing that is Linux??

Sounds like Windows really thought through their whole register or it deactivates but don't give any prompts... nothing better than that to encourage people to register or buy their s***...

But yay! for leaving the dark side.. not quite to the light side of Mac but not Windows so all good, right :)