Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wow , Just WOW!

The fireworks where amazing.. I have never seen anything like that before.

Words and pictures don't do it justice. But what poor little photos I took are now up on flicker.

The fire works started about 8:00, well there had been fireworks going off sporadically for the last 2 days. but about 8:00 they had started to become more of a constant thing. By 9:30 - 10:00 there was almost a continues stream of fireworks going up.

About 11:00 they really started to pick up, and you could see all the way across the bay to the other shore and the fireworks being launched there.

At 12:00 they went nuts, there was no longer pauses between firework launches it was a continuous stream of fireworks.

I have allot of picture, most aren't fit for viewing, two things conspired against me, A I focused the camera on downtown, the locked the focus, auto focus does not work because by the time the camera has finished focusing the firework is gone. B there was enough wind to cause some shake in the camera on the try pod.

Edit: found this video

But I did find 54 shots that show some of the experience of last night. Video would have been better!

But all told the fireworks would be worth the plane ticket to come and see it.

Iceland also has it's version of the Royal Canadian Air Farce! It is all in Icelandic, but was still a hoot to watch (it was a half hour and during that time the fireworks almost stopped) .

There was this reoccurring theme of a polar bear getting shot. and in one sketch the polar bear wanders into a protest. It gets shot then the police pepper spray it. :)

The rest of the show was on the banks... didn't understand most of it.

Well that is my report on New Years..

Hope this next year will be as good as the last.


alison said...

aww man, i wish i'd seen it!

jjdebenedictis said...

That looks spectacular!

Kathy said...

I checked out the video, that is crazy! You can't even figure out where to look! I hope no one tries to sleep through the New Year!

Sarf's Travels. said...

My roommate did, but then again he had just gotten off of 18 hours of plane flights and airports :)

Sepiru Chris said...

Hi Sarf,

I guess reports of Iceland's economic demise were greatly exaggerated, no?

Mind you, that video explained the cause. Apparently, and I quote, "All Hell Brakes Loose".

So, with the detaching of Hell's brakes, these sparks must shake up and leave the underworld, just like the hot geyesers that normally shoot up...

Is that right?

It could be a new factoid for you...

Thanks for visiting over at my site, on behalf of OxyJen's wishes.